Saturday, November 24, 2012

A few more words and photos

I posted last night very late and couldnt work out how to put words together so inbetween cleaning and washing I thought id download more..
From Perth WA we sailed down the Great South Ocean to Adelaide visiting a wonderful little town of Handorf which is a "Must see again" town..We didnt have enought time there so we will fly down there for more exploring one weekend.Lots of liitle craft shops and little boutiques to explore.

From Adelaide we sailed to Melbourne..Well I have been there a few times and and it is unique in it own way as far as big cities go.
From Melbourne we sailed to Hodat in Tasmania which I had never been to before and I feel in love with it.It had everything I want in life , the mountains and bush the water and the very slow and qutie lifestyle. It is ontop of the list for retirement.I just love it.

From Hobart we had a couple of days sailing toMilford Sound Dusky Sound and Doubtful Sound on the west coast of New Zealand..
I will add those photos in the next day or two. Sewing is
Hope you enjoy these photos.
Tata for now..


  1. I certainly have enjoyed them and look forward to more. Have brought some sunshine into my day.

  2. Hi Robyn, my goodness you get around. How have you been. We will have to catch up again one day. Your samplers are looking amazing. - Sandra.