Sunday, November 10, 2013

Busy busy life

Well it's been some months since my last post and disappearance on the blog life.i just got into a pickle with work,stitching and life that I had to take a back seat once again and do what I had to do.

Phill and I just got back from a wonderful month of traveling around the Europe vis the sea. We started in Singapore then flew to Venice Italy. Three weeks on the Med visiting Croatia (Dubrovnik)Greece (Santorini,Naples,Messina,Athens, katakolon  )    Turkey (Izmir,Istanbul )Tunisia (Tunis)Spain ( Barcelona) and France  (Marseilles )  Italy (Venice Bari Genoa)
For the next week we got a train from Genoa to Rome where we spent two nights exploring Rome and all that wonderful town has to offer. We stayed right at the walls of the Vatican City. Then catching a train to Ferrara which is an hour from Venice. Ferrara was just the most lovely little Italian town. Then back up to Venice to catch our flight back to Singapore for a night the back to Sydney. 33 days in all.. It certainly was a great holiday. I've added just a few photos.   

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  1. Whew! I would love to see your photos. They are not showing up?