Sunday, October 28, 2012

Flowers for daughter and SAL

Hiya,  Well another weekend has come to an end and I have to be up early for work..Im not excited as Im starting to wind down for nexr weekend so I can up up and away to our much await holiday..
We fly to Perth (2 days break) board a beautiful ship on her maiden voyage to Aussie "Voyager of the Seas" We head to Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart and then over to New Zealand before heading to Sydney..The cruise is for 18 nights..We have been waiting for months for this trip and are both really looking forward to it...
On the sewing side of life my daughter asked me to make heer some flowers for her to make little girls hair clips with so I have been busy with that most of the week.
They are made out of 4ply cotton...
I have also made a start on the SAL of the German Band Sampler from Scarlet Letter with 5 other ladies..
I have so far really enjoyed stitching the horse...If I didnt have to get up so early in the morning to go to work I would sit all night and stitch
The weather here in The Mountains is incredible lately..We had snow last week heat waves this week and I had to put the fire on today as I was in a mood for doing nothing on my weekend off..
I hear on the news tonight that there has been an earthquake in Canada..(or of shore) I havent heard anymore about it and sure hope that noone has been hurt...
I live smack bang in the middle of the National Park and each summer heads towards us and I pray that the bush fires dont come..
Mother  nature can sometime dish us out some really bad blows...
Must try and get some beauty sleep...
tata for now


  1. Very nice work Robyn. Your upcoming trip sounds exciting. I have never been on a ship.

  2. Wonderful start on SDW, your holiday sounds idyllic, please take loads of photos to share with us.