Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hours spent sorting this blog out so I may start
As I go along it will sort itself out.

On the stitching side of life I am at the moment enjoying a Moria Blackburn sampler
 "The Hours Of Prayer". It is coming along nicely.
This photo I took a couple of weeks ago so I have been able to do alot more on it.
This week I receveived the Needlepoint silks to get started on my next project out of the Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly magazine .
I am going to do the 1819 Elizabeth Powell sampler which caught my eye while in a wonderful shop in Katoomba.
I am going away on the 3rd Novemeber for 3 weeks sailing the Southern Australian ocean from Perth to New Zealand and porting in Sydney late November so this shall be my project while on the high seas.
I just love the words to this lovely sampler. One of my favourite birds in these old samplers is the Peacock. Isnt he lovely?
So I will try for the first time to sew in silk and I could only find one place in Sydney that sold the Needlepoint Silk and it arrived and Im
I am hopeing to join in on a SAL with Nicola from Stitching By A Cornish Seaside with a lovely sampler from the 1710, SWD German Band Sampler. Which I have ordered the chart this morning but will only stitch this one in DMC.
I have tried stitching on Linen but I do enjoy 18 count aida and prefer it over linen. So both these will be on 18ct.
Well Im expecting my eldest daughter with her 3 children for dinner and a splash in the spa so better get some housework done...
tata for now......


  1. I love Moira Blackburn, it was through a magazine article about her that started me to stitch. I have done practically all her designs.

    Your holiday sounds wonderful.

  2. One of my stitching buddies stitches Moria Blackburn--the designs for her samplers are beautiful.

    I think you will enjoy stitching with silks you have chosen quite the project for your trip, looking forward to seeing your progress

  3. Did you get my emails this morning as you are coming up as a non reply blogger

  4. Beautiful stitching Robyn!
    Looking forward to SALing with you!